Manomet Computer Associates (MCA) has over twenty years of experience in deploying wireless technology for business critical applications. Early in 2002 MCA became a Research in Motion Solution Partner. This enabled MCA to offer BlackBerry Devices, Carrier Services (T-Mobile initially) and BlackBerry Enterprise Server software. MCA now provides SmartPhones on every major carrier.
In addition to SmartPhones, MCA now offers Mobile Device Management Software and Services to support Smartphones. MCA provided Mobile Device Management and Services help business customers control costs and manage security. MCA is also a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider.
MCA has established relationships with AT&T, T-Mobile.and Verizon. Unlike other providers MCA can activate SmartPhones and other communication services on every major US Carrier.
MCA can usually provide devices and enabling software at a lower cost than the carriers. MCA is committed to providing clients with the carrier solution that is best suited to the customer's needs. MCA is paid by the carriers for activating wireless services. MCA is the "go to" organization for Mobile Device Deployment and carrier service management for most customers. MCA can recommend and implement rate plan changes that reduce carrier costs.
MCA wireless technology clients include leading organizations in financial services, manufacturing, professional services and others.